Education with high academic standards - solidly anchored in local culture

NordicEd started with the idea to collect the experiences, methodology and lessons learned from the educational ventures we have been involved in around the world and combine those into a comprehensive formula for international K12 education fit for the 21st century.

We believe in the importance of high academic standards. Excellence in math, science and languages is of vital importance – especially in a rapidly changing world where access to information is endless. High academic standards in basic subjects is the key to higher education and life-long learning.

We believe in the importance of values and character education. The ability to know right from wrong; to have a strong moral compass; and to know how to act and behave is a prerequisite for becoming a good family member and citizen. We believe it’s the foundation for success in both academic and professional life – and to becoming a star in your own field.

We believe next generation needs to be able to collaborate, navigate and compete in a globalized world. Therefore we use the most prominent international curricula, the Cambridge International Curriculum and Examinations. 

But we also believe that a citizen of the world needs to be solidly anchored in its own culture and language. Therefore we adapt international curricula to local conditions, culture and language. We call this the Glocal school – an education combining global outreach and opportunities with local anchorage and heritage. 

We believe in the importance of 21st century skills. The ability to connect, to collaborate, to inspire and to communicate is becoming increasingly important. We practice this as an integral part of teaching and learning. And a key instrument in that ambition is the use of information technology. 

But most of all we believe in the importance of teacher excellence. In spite of what technology and methodology can improve, all research and field experience proves that the quality and skills of teachers is still and by far the single most important factor for excellence in education. Therefore, from our Nordic network and background, we are developing comprehensive programs for continuous teacher training.