Our vision is to contribute to societies, where high standards of education provides life opportunities and promotes understanding between countries and cultures.

K12 education is the foundation for every society. Improving the quality and participation in K12 education is not only the key to raise the standard of human capital and prosperity. It is also the most important tool for creating opportunities and a better world. For this reason, we are focusing on markets with the largest needs. Countries with a young and growing population and with governments that put education at top of the agenda.

NordicEd’s mission is to provide K12 educational operations and solutions to emerging economies, based on our core values of Nordic heritage, international standards and local anchorage.

Our idea is to blend the three cornerstones of our experience to a comprehensive offer for K12 education. From our Nordic heritage, we have brought the conviction that every student has the potential to learn and grow and the importance of teacher quality. We are working with international education based on the leading international curricula and preparing students for a life in the globalised world. We also combine this with strong anchors in the local language, culture and values.

Our core business is to develop and operate top quality, private international schools around the world. However, there is no contradiction between this and improving the quality of public or affordable education.  Quite the opposite, teaching and learning is also about sharing. We have working models for sharing our knowledge and activities with the communities where we are working – as an act of social responsibility or as a part of a collaboration agreement with governments and operators.